Monday, October 26, 2015

journal 8 ZACH

The thing that I noticed the most from the video that stuck out was the way that he thought people had changed. When he got back he couldn't handle being around people; people that he knew before and even people he loved. He would hang out with other people like bikers and totally limit himself with the people he loved. I also noticed that in the documentary he was smoking, just like in the picture. I think that was to represent that he was still mentally there in the war zone and wasn't yet ready to come home.

I think the best way to help veterans is to have them in a group of other veterans so they can discuss things that they've seen and can be open about situations and educate the families of returning veterans so they know how to approach things that they may encounter.

The thing that struck me the most interesting was when Maury talked about the code of the hobos and how they can be identified by the stones in the pockets and distinguish them from bums. The other thing that was interesting was the history of the word hobo. It is the combination of the word ,"hoe" , like the tool and the word ''bo' 'from the old English word meaning adult man and that was the best writing.

 Well the only thing that I would think of is hitch hike or maybe bum a ride off of a friend. I would probably not hoop on a train.

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