Thursday, October 29, 2015

journal 9 Zach

The documentary The Hobart Shakespeareans made me think about how we view education. Rafe Esquith is a teacher at Hobart Elementary school in Los Angeles,California and uses a different method of teaching.This made me feel like there was something for these kids;they come from a rough neighborhood and some didn't even speak english yet they are excited to come to school and learn,even on days that they are not required to.

Growing up where I went to elementary school;at Elgin West it was much different. I personal did have fun and did enjoy going but the way these kids did. The Hobart students were also much farther advanced than I was during my time in elementary school. I did like my teachers growing up but not as much as the kids from hobart who were taken on trips out of state and meet famous actors and novelists.

What I learned about goals and expectations from this film is that it doesn't matter where you come from if you want to learn you can find success. Dont be held down or held back on where you came from or even what you have done or have seen in the past. This is why this is a great film about the teacher who truly takes what he does to heart and his methods should be used more often.

My goal for next year is pick a major and set my heart to it. To not be held down by anyone on what I want. I hope to have a better work habit and also hope to get better grades


  1. I agree with you that the kids at this school are farther advanced than we were when we were in elementary school. It's crazy how much they know already!

  2. I admire that you refuse to be held back by anyone !

  3. I agree that the kids at the school are more superior than any other school. But i think it is all improving, and we just arent in elementary school to see it.


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