Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8: Hans

After watching "The Marlboro Marine" I have learned the effects of PTSD on the saviors of our land. In the film it shows a man who after returning from war gets haunted from the horrid nightmares of his army life. Instead having the feeling of patriotism and bold, he feels alone and guilty. One observation that I made from my active listening was how it talked about how music helped the wounded veteran. The film stated how in specific Bob Marley had helped the veteran and that was quite the coincidence because that was also the artist that Ishmeal Beah used for strength. It was interesting how to see how the PTSD and the wounded veterans related to Beah's work. I think things that can be done to help returning veterans, such as; joining talk groups so they can talk about their problems, share, give help, and get help.
After reading the first chapter in Holding On; "Steam Train' Maury Graham I have opened up my eyes to the extent of the word hobo. Its origin and the stories that give the word a certain almost lavish feel. It also introduced me to a new slang "hobo slang" where they use words like "hobo jungle." Which is the area "where the hobos eat and hang around and sleep under the stars" as the book states. It was also unique how the hobo we are reading about is a hometown hobo from Toledo, Ohio. If I had no car and no means of work I would most likely become a couch bum from different friend's couches, until my luck struck and I became famous.

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