Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Seen the video the other day in class, inspired me even more to be a teacher now. In the short film " the Hobart Shakeseareans" shows how inspired the teacher is about his students. Hobart elementary is located in Los Angeles California with  2000 students. The students go to school all round. The children work very hard and also speak other languages as well. So very hard to get to them to be outstanding. On top of teaching Math, English, Social Studies, and Science, He goes above and beyond by teaching kids William Shakespeare because that is what the teacher enjoys. The children work very hard to be able to get to be good students. The  kids have set goals in life, so when the teacher pushes them to the limits to because he know that they are capable of doing what they're doing.  That shows how passionate the teacher is. All teachers should be like that I Believe. I know I've only read two of William Shakespeare's stories and I am 19 years old. I can only name one or two not 37, And that shows a lot that the teacher care so much about the students to teach him something that is not even on the California curriculum. The teacher cares about his students a lot. You can even tell in the video, at the end the students are upset do to the end of the year and going to the next grade level. The teacher wants the students to succeed and do so much better then what the  have before. That one teacher is  inspiring  the students  to do better in school and not give up and as a student you want a teacher to push you to the best you can be.

My elementary school I had teachers are truly cared about their students and then I had other teachers I didn't care about students. I remember I had a teacher who went above and beyond to help me with the reading. She tried her hardest all the time because she wanted me to succeed and get past the reading level for the third grade. To this day I still talk to Mrs. Franklin, she actually gave me my diploma At graduation.

My goal I am setting for my self is to be on the deans list, I know that's going to take a lot of work but if I put my mind to it I will be able to do it. In high school I blew school off and got by I had a 3.5 my senior year but I never did anything. But once I got to college something changed its probably because I am paying for school, if  I got a bad grade now that bothers me unlike high school if I got a F on a  test I would laugh it off. So in the next year my goal is to study hard and get on the deans list.


  1. I think that is a great goal and you should try for it! I blew off school a lot in high school and middle school but now I am realizing I really shouldn't have and that college has so much to offer.

  2. Brittney, I think that is a very great goal you are setting for yourself. I hope that you can accomplish it! I know you can do it! Just remember to think positive, and hold youre head high no matter what!


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