Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal Nine: By The Daniel Scheiderer

The Hobart Shakespeareans was a very very good movie in my opinion. It was very touching the way the teacher connected to with the students and how the students felt towards learning and everything even with what was going on in there community. I really liked how he teaches the kids, he makes them feel like a human not a robot that should know something and he really tries to connect with every student. When i was in elementry school the teachers didn't really try and help you learn they just kind of gave you the material and hoped that they could get through to you and if they couldn't than they just left you behind and thought you weren't as smart as everyone else. In the film all the kids really had big goals for themselves in the future and i thought that was really cool and i honestly believe most of them will fulfill it. In the film all of the kids are in Fifth grade and they are already striving to be better when they get older and i think that is great, Mr. Rafe really connected with the kids and told them that they can achieve anything with hard work. In the film Mr. Rafe says to a group of kids that "there are no shortcuts" this stood out to me because the kids are young and most teachers would let it go and the kids wouldn't feel bad about what they've don't or anything but he really talked to them and got to them and made them feel bad about what they have done and that they can't get to where they want to go with shortcuts. This film really made me think of my goals and some that i should set for myself, Im going to start studying every night, and excel to my top potential and transfer to mail campus and become successful over there also.

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  1. I like how you put into your journal about how he wanted the students to feel like humans not robots. I think this is a good lesson for anyone, not to be going through the motions and programmed to be someone they are not but to be their own person and make decisions and think for themselves.


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