Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal 9. Kayla Frea.

The film The Hobart Shakespearians, made me think about how children are educated and how influential teachers are in children’s lives. I feel the program this teacher has built is one of the best programs I have seen. It is a great class to build the students in both the arts, the sciences, history and other areas for later in life. Esquith uses music in his teaching, “Music helps in all different subjects.” I love this project that the film showed, it is a class that is teaching life skills and all children need to learn them. The film made me feel like I wish I had this opportunity for me when I was younger so I was not hit so hard when I got to the real world. My experience in elementary school was not like this. I struggled with my school work and it was not until high school that I realized what I was capable of doing. I was taught one specific way K-8th grade and I always struggled. I’m a visual learner, I did not realized this until I got to high school and I started advancing in my classes that I had struggled in.  I learned that these children have much bigger goals than I had when I was that age. The expectations for setting goals are high for these children. Their teacher cared for them to set these goals. They are being taught how to set goals and to accomplish them and that is something that all children need to be taught. By the end of my sophomore year of college I want to be through my first full year at the College of Nursing, and be ready for my junior year.


  1. Kayla, I also agree with you that all students should be taught on how to set goals and expectations for them selves. It is a very good thing to use in life and personally, it really helps me to set goals for myself because then if I reach them, it is a very great accomplishment.

  2. LOL sad but true I wonder where we would be if we were exposed to that constructive thinking when we were younger like these children. You got that goal on lock! good for you stay in there and get into your major!!!!

  3. Good goal! I think you can it! I hope you do good at your Nursing school!!


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