Monday, October 26, 2015


The most important thing I noticed in "The Marlboro Marine' is how ptsd effects you. I knew how serious it was that people get depressed. I dint know it could be as serious as saying "getting rid of the pain" by taking there own life. PTSD is a serious. I had a childhood friend who was in the war he would tell my parents about how PTSD was effecting everyone . He latter died fighting for our country. But the man in Marlboro marine  was able to over come the odds well try and get married to the love of his life. He had gotten over the fact of wanting to kill him self to take away the pain and be happy. but he changed his mind and wanted to live his life instead.

PSTD effects so many people and families around the world and that's why we could have a nation wide group get together and only people with PTSD or had it. and only can join  it. It  could be set up like a AA meeting and they talk about the feelings and how to over come some of the things PTSD people are faced with.

Holding on

Part 1: Hobo life style isn't like a homeless person I felt like they worked for the food and cloths on their bodies. they are happy with the life they are living no money nothing, but they seemed really happy.

Part 2: I would hitch hike I mean what could go wrong really if I was walking down the road and asked for help hopefully they would help me out, I mean you hear stories of people who hitched hiked across the country. I would walk for a day and then try to make money along the way to pay for the difference of gas for the person who gave me a ride. so on the days I would walk I would try to make some extra cash then walk, then try to get a ride the next day .

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