Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journal 8 Cam K.

The most important thing that i noticed in the short film "The Marlboro Marine", was that Blake joined a Motor cycle club because how organized they were and how much being part of that reminded him of the Marine Core. Which to me means that just like the Marines anything that would be asked of him he would do it with no problem as if he was still in he service. And even though counseling didn't work he found his own form of therapy.

A good idea to help veterans when they return is to actually make sure that the government is giving them housing and if they are injured we don't need to let them be out somewhere homeless after all the things that they did to serve this country. And we need to have more support groups open 24/7.

What struck me the most about the hobo. Is that hobo's have a code that if they walk into a hobo camp they toss a pebble down on the ground and they are automatically accepted by the other hobo's,because that is a sign that they are a part of the hobo clan.

I would try and befriend as many people as i can to see what work i could do for them and see how much they would be willing to pay or at least try and get a meal out of it. Also i would try and find a big city and make camp on the outside of it so that i would always be close to work.

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