Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8: PTSD and society, and Holding On hobos From Pernale Blake
● Part One: Marlboro Marine
○ After watching the following film I noticed how isolated he became after returning
home following the war. When he arrived home he was quiet and really did not
want to associate with anyone. He suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
(PTSD), and PTSD affected him and everyone around him. The Marine just
seemed unhappy, even though he had a beautiful wife that he claimed to love
with his whole heart. This video is a perfect representation on how difficult it is to
live with PTSD, and the effects it has on past war veterans. One good idea I have
for how we might be able to help veterans when they return from war is by
listening. I believe they all just need someone to talk things through with; and this
can easily be accomplished by supporting social groups, therapy sessions, and
support groups that help with the effects of war on veterans.
● Part Two:Holding On
○ The thing that struck me the most about the lifestyle of the Hobos is how thankful
they seem. They clarified in the book the difference between a Hobo and a
Bum/The hobos would do any task at all just to receive a meal or a place to sleep
that night. Hobos aren't like Bums or “homeless” people, as Hobos actually work
for the food they eat and the cloths on their body.
○ If I were out of work, and had no car, and I had to try to get to another place for
work or opportunity. I believe I would walk , and hope that on my journey some
nice man offers me a ride. I am a very trusting person, so hitchhiking would not
be scary or weird for me..

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