Thursday, October 8, 2015

Journal 7 Response by Cam

   The other character that stood out to me in chapters 18-19 was Esther. It seems like she really cared for Ishmael and always had some words of encouragement. And even told him that he could call her his sister since they weren't able to find any of  his family until later on in the chapter. But she seems like she is the one that Ishmael trust the most.

   I feel like Ishmael's rehabilitation is very possible as long as he is around positive friends and family that will support him and just let him live out the rest of his life like a normal child even though he will always have flashback to when he was a child soldier. i wouldn't have a problem Ishmael moving into my neighborhood because i would treat him like any other normal human because it wasn't his fault that he was forced into to being a child soldier.

   What i took from chapter 18 is the sense detail of how Ishmael says that his uncle was light skinned just like his father and almost looked exactly like his father and every time his uncle came for a visit it made him think of his father and also of  his mother and younger brother even though he never lived with them so that something that he will never get back or ever get to have again since his uncle was the only family that he now had.

   My favorite passage was at the beginning of chapter 18 when Ishmael "I feel like there is nothing left for me to be alive for. I said slowly. I have no family, it is just me.No one will be able to tell stories about my childhood." That passage really made me think how grateful i am to have such a supportive family that will always have my back and never give up on me no matter what i do and just to think about all Ishmael had to go through i wouldn't have the will power to make it without my family. 

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  1. Hi Cameron, I'm going to respond to your paragraph about your favorite passage. I liked that passage too. I do not think I would be able to do what he did without family.


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