Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journal 9 from Lexia Wilson

The short documentary that we watched in class today called "The Hobart Shakespeareans" made me think about my experience in 5th grade and how it was nothing like that. It also made me feel extremely happy for those students who get to experience such a great teacher. The documentary made me feel this way because even though I really like my 5th grade teacher she was nothing like Rafe Esquith and I wish I could of had a teacher that was so passionate as Rafe. When I was in the 5th grade I learned about the weather, simple multiplication and division, some history that I can't even remember now, and some simple writing skills in English class. I never got to go on trips like that in the 5th grade at least. Another thing that was different about my experience in 5th grade compared to theirs is that I never read that list of 7 book until I was in high school and some of them I still have never read. One last thing is that while in 5th grade I also didn't learn about Shakespeare. I didn't learn about that until high school as well. I really wish that I would have been able to experience all of those thing sooner than I did because then I would have opened my mind to broader horizons. This film taught me that setting goals is extremely important even if they are little goals because once you accomplish them it will feel fantastic. "There are no shortcuts" this saying was on a banner in the class room and I found it very powerful because it would remind the kids everyday that even though something might seem hard you need to do it right because it will be worth it in the end. A goal that I would like to set for myself to accomplish within the next year is to be on the Dean's list.


  1. Wow, great response! I agree how nice it would have been to have such enthusiasm. Going on those trips too would be a great experience. Along with reading the books and letting them know it is possible to do so, I think our experiences would have been different and we would have appreciated books more as I too have not finished the books assigned in HS!

  2. That is a great goal to set! I like how you used "there are no shortcuts" that was prominent theme of the documentary. I agree I wish I also had a teacher like this that would have been a great experience.

  3. You said you do not remember much from 5th grade, I do not remember a ton from 5th grade too. I only remember being an art room helper and going to the art room after my last class and helping to clean up. I had so much fun doing that but besides that I do not have to many memories from that grade.


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