Monday, August 31, 2015

Intoduction from Kayla Frea

Another photo from a photo shoot I did. 
My name is Kayla Frea. I want to become a nurse when I get older. I also want to grow my career in photography, my dream in photography one day would be able to go on tour with a band and be their promotional photographer, or be working with a magazine doing photo shoots. When I become a nurse I want to go into psychiatric nursing. I also ride horses, I have been doing this for about 13 years. I also do Krav Maga, which is a self-defense style of fighting.

Me from a photo shoot my friend and I did on a snow day 
Photography I have done. We wanted to do a zombie shoot. 

I thought the theme could be false hope or running away from harm. "Perhaps it was necessary that he cling to false hopes, since they kept him running away from harm." (Beah 13). This was what I had underlined and next to it written theme. I thought this really brought all the rest of the text that I had read into one sentence. This theme means to me that false hope shows it's self during times of distress. I think that false hopes will be seen through-out the book.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hi! I'm Tim Davis owner of my too current businesses Rays Mulch'n More and Rise'n Shine Cleaning. I am 19 years old and love playing soccer in my spare time.

 A theme that stood out to me was how the narrator had to experience the tragedy of war so early in life. For this kids age its like he was being forced to grow up at such a young age such as a man trying to run away from the war while being shot at and his whole family was shot and killed. Or the woman carrying a baby on er back, leaving a trail of blood. those are examples of things a young boy should never have to experience or witness for that matter. It's really not fair for a kid to have to go through this. To me this means that sometimes life isn't always a pretty or easy thing to go through. Such a this young boy it's as tough he was stripped of his innocence and war is just apart of his life that he's used  to. Being used to war and violence is something nobody should just be a custom to. It is unfair that people such as myself get to live in peace and freedom, while young kids such as himself have to live in fear and war.

Introduction from Paul Winters

      Hi! I'm Paul Winters and I am #newtoOSU and loving it so far. I love hanging loose in an uptight world and being able to slow down and enjoy the finer things such as great views in the woods while hunting or hiking. I work at a retirement home, so I love, love, love, my old people and all that they are. They are treasures and so precious. I took a year off after high school and I started a book of them and all their stories, and wow, I didn't know what I was getting into. People have layers and when we talk to them we get to see more from them that isn't at the surface. Their wisdom has helped me with making life decisions and making sure to enjoy every moment as they do say it wasn't long ago they were my age. It has really made me stop and think and look around at everything and say what is it that I would wish I would have done in this time.  Then I go and start to do it. I once feared not going after my intuition and had dreams about just being old and sad because I didn't follow my intuition and I was the person other people wanted me to be and now my time was up and the regret was too much even in the dreams. From that point on I started acting on all the things I thought were just too far to reach. I have nothing to loose and everything to gain and I will not stop until I have ran my race in life.  One thing I have started is writing a book and striving towards the life I want to live, not the cookie cutter life that can be imposed on us.
     The theme that has really been sticking with me from chapter 1 is always treat the places and people you are by and with like it is the last time you may see them. When Ishmael and his friends left for Mattru Jong little did they know it was going to be the last time they saw many of the people they once knew and the area as it was in before it is destroyed by the rebel forces. It really hit me to think about how we don't know when it will be the last time we see people or the places we love.
while we are luckily in a an area of the world that this sort of thing will not happen on the scale that it did in his country, people still pass away and places catch fire and things can go away and we don't get to say goodbye. As he thinks back about the last time he saw his parents and not knowing if he will ever see them again I think, wow I can't even begin to imagine the distress and the state of worry that I would be in if I was in his position. This theme really stood out to me in the first chapter and I will apply it in my life going forward as I don't know the timing of the things and I need to be grateful for all the people and things around for I don't know how long it will be before it is too late to really appreciate them. 

This is a picture from my favorite beach in Hawaii, heaven on earth. A spot right outside of Honolulu that not many tourists get out to and as seen above it is a breathe of fresh air you won't forget. I hope everyone gets a chance to get out there.

This is one of my senior pictures with my dog Deek. Shortly after the picture was taken he got really sick and we had to put him down. I love this picture as a good memory as the way things were. 

Introduction from Pernale Blake

Hello my name is Pernale Blake, most people call me Pernale. I am from a small town called Marysville about an hour from campus. I have three brothers: one younger, and two that are older than me.Things that I enjoy doing are hanging out with friends and playing sports.. The one thing I love the most in this world is playing and watching football.

This is me and my friends (from left to right) Luke, Van, Jeff, and Keano. Luke and Jeff actually are attending Ohio State Marion along with me.

The theme that stood out to me while reading "A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah is war. as soon as the book started you were directly in the middle of a war. I believe the author was saying that when you are in war that ofter times it'll surprise you and sort of make you feel cheated. On page two, in the first paragraph I believe is a great representation of the theme. It talks about all the tragedies that have happened, and explains how the narrator is thinking. To me this is frightening because these are just kids, this is probably the worst thing they will ever face and it is at such a young age

Introduction from Tristen Stover.

I am Tristen. My full name is Tristen Lee Stover. I am nineteen years old. I graduated from Marysville High School in 2015. I have one sibling. His name is Tory and he is 23 years old. Through out my life I have played a couple of sports and also have done a few other things. A couple sports that I have played were golf and also I snowboarded. I started golfing when I was in the 8th grade and golfed all the way through my senior year. I was on the golf team for five years. I started snowboarding when I was a freshman in high school. Snowboarding is a lot of fun and but sometimes you can get very tired and or cold! Through out high school I also ran track. I only ran track a couple years though because one year I got tendinitis. On the other hand, I was a dancer for many years. I was in tap, jazz, hip hop and also gymnastics. I was a cheer leader when I was younger but I didn't really like it so after a year or two I was done cheering. A fun fact about me is that I plan on majoring in nursing later on in my future.

This is me at Mad River Mountain.

This is me snowboarding.

 The theme that stood out to me in "A Long Way Gone" in the first chapter was survival. I feel like this theme is important because I think that Junior and Talloi will eventually have to fight for themselves and not count on others. If they are not able to fight for themselves and do things on there own, they will probably never survive the situations that they have already started to see in the first chapter. The theme survival to me means overcoming difficult circumstances. Like for example, Junior and Talloi will eventually have to face difficult and hard circumstances/situations.

Introduction from Lexia Wilson

I am Lexia. My full name is Lexia Nicole Wilson. I was born in Galion, Ohio but I have lived in Cardington, Ohio most of my life. I graduated from Cardington-Lincoln High School in 2015 in the top ten. I have two siblings. There names are Laynee and Sydnie. Laynee is going to be 15 and is starting her first year of high school and Sydnie is 11 and is starting sixth grade this year. While in high school I was on the bowling team and I went to state twice once as a team and again as an individual. Also while I was in high school I played volleyball for all four years and softball for the first three years.(I have actually played softball since I was about 4 years old) I was also apart of our FFA and NHS chapters. My senior year I was the treasurer of the NHS at our school. An interesting fact about me is that I work with a para-mutual company called Racing Technologies. In this business we go to fairs all over Ohio and take bets. It is a fairly simple job but when I first started I knew nothing about harness racing and I was overwhelmed with all of the new lingo. Though now when I think back about when I first started it is crazy to think that I didn't know anything because now I feel like I know everything fairly well and I really enjoy it. I would like to obtain a job as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or as some sort of doctor so I may have to switch my major from nursing to pre-med.

Me and my best friend Mikhal Taha at graduation.
Me photo bombing my best friend and boyfriend at graduation.

The theme that stood out to me in the first chapter of A Long Way Gone was survival. I feel that this theme is important because I believe that Junior, Talloi, Kaloko, Khalilou, Gibrilla and the narrator will eventually have to fend for themselves. If they are not able to fend for themselves they will never survive the situation that they have started to see in just the first chapter. I believe that this situation for the boys would be very difficult because they are being forced to grow up so quickly at such a young age Survival to me is overcoming difficult circumstances like the boys will eventually have to face. 

Lexia Wilson 

Introduction from Daniel Scheiderer

Hi, my name is Owen Daniel Scheiderer but I like to go by Daniel.  I'm from Marysville, Ohio, its a small town about 40 minutes away but I have recently moved to Marion and live in the apartments across the street from campus with three other roommates.  Some fun facts about me are, I have a lot of shoes, and I love any sport, I played football through out high school and I played one year of basketball.   
Me waving to my momma at the homecoming parade.

The theme that stood out to me in the first chapter was, hectic. When the book started, the author threw you in the middle of the war. I feel like this is important because that how it really is, and that's  what is actually happening there.  The theme to me is really scary that all the kids are going out with guns and knifes and practically an army with little kids. 

Introdution from Cameron

Cameron Koonce

 Introduction Blog Cameron Koonce

  My name is Cameron Jamal Koonce i was born in Marion, Ohio. I attended Marion City school's till i was in eighth grade. Then i attended North Union public schools till I graduated from North Union High School in 2008 A fun fact about me is that i have a six year old son his name is Darrius Immanuel he is in the first grade and attends George Washington Elementary. Another fun fact is that  I love history it is a passion of mine because history is always changing, but it is also always repeating itself and you never know when history is going to come in handy in your everyday life.

The theme that stood out to me in A Long Way Gone is the love for rap music that Junior and his brother there friend's  had even tho they didn't know what rap music was. What stood out to me is that the rappers like Heavy-D and The Boys  and some of the other ones is that i grew up listening to those rap while i was a child. Also i thought that it was neat that just after finding out what rap music was they decided to form their own rap and dance group. It's really neat to see how far our music from america reached out even back when rap music was pretty much just getting started. The theme just goes to show dont give up on your dream no matter what the cercumstances are. Even if you are dirt poor and have nothing to your name you never know if you will be able to make it in life if you dont get out there and try and explore and do new things with your family or friends.
This is my son Darrius this was a picture that we took right before Christmas of last year

Brittney Hanks

Brittney Hanks
English 1109 at 10:30 Tuesday and Thursday
Mike Lohre

Intro from Brittney Hanks

Hi i am Brittney Elizabeth Hanks, I love spending time with my family and friends. Most the time I spending time with my little sister Courtney and my two brothers Matt and joey. I am a very out going person, i love talking to knew people all the time. I love to meet new people all the time. I work at the YMCA as a life guard and a swim teacher. I love my swim lessons they are truly are the reason that why I want to become a teacher.

In my reading of A long way gone , the theme of the reading is  bravery . what really stuck out to me was all the  bravery the boys had when they were in trouble when the rebels came to the boys town. Also, the importance of  the family to the boys even if they were not family they protect the friends. The boys town that they were in was being attacked and everyone kept it as a normal thing. Very one in the town didn't know how to act, except the boys and they had took off for safety out of the town. The two brothers never left each others side.

My Best friend Breann

My sister Courtney and I

My Family (Dad, Mom, Matt,Joey,Grandma,Grandpa,and Courtney)

Introduction from Noel

     Hi my name is Noel Beyer-Hermsen I am a freshman this year and plan to go into a Criminology major. I was born in Guatemala, my younger brother was also born in Guatemala. My parents both work at colleges, my mother is the assistant dean at Ohio State Marion and my father is an English professor at Otterbein. My younger brother is deaf and going to a deaf  high school in Washington D.C this year as a freshman. I love music and I love drawing and most of all I love my dog Dimitri. He is a mixed breed with a Cocker Spaniel and a King Cavalier. My role models are Mahatma Gandhi and my aunt Nancy (who past away last Tuesday). I am one of those people who is more than willing to listen if there is something up or just to talk.
This is Dimitri a couple days after I got him. He is almost 2 years old now.
This is one of the drawings I did last year and I am extremely proud of it. It took a long time to get it the way I wanted it to look.
    A theme from the book that stood out to me was the love of music and what it can bring to a group of people. For example music is important to me. In many ways, I have played the piano for about 8 or 9 years. I also played the violin and was in choir at church and at my high school. I love listening to all kinds of music. In the book rap music brought Ishmael and his friends together. They tried to memorize lyrics to songs to get their minds off all the horrible things that were going on. Which really stood out to me because it probably was horrible and scaring. The things that were going on around them and I couldn't imagine being able to go on with my normal day with all of that. Starting a group with his friends was something they had been excited about and really wanted before all the horrible things started to happen. In may cultures music is important to others and is what can bring people together in times off sorrow or disaster. Music can tell stories and music can make life not so bad because it can take you away. Epically in this case music can make things seem not as bad and is a good way to distract.

Introduction From Bonnie Welsh

Hi, my name is Bonnie Welsh. I am eighteen years old. I am the youngest of five children with ages ranging from 35-18. I am an aunt to eight boys and two girls, and a great aunt to two girls and one boy. I am very active in the 4-H program, I am a camp counselor, on Jr. Fair Board, a state senior ambassador, the president of my 4-H club, show hogs and received Overall Grand Champion Car-lot Market Hog this past summer, and on a state committee that put together a lesson plan for 4-H kids about how to use the local food movement in their daily lives. I spend most of my time with my friends and family because they are the most important people to me. I am going into the Agriculture field, my major is Agricultural Communications. I have always felt the calling for agriculture because I grew up with it and everyone will always need agriculture so it has great job security!

The theme that came out to me was that even when something you want to do  your families safety always comes before that. When the boys came to his grandmother's house they all thought that they were just stopping before going to their friend's talent show. But when they found the war was in their hometown now, they dropped everything to make sure that their family was okay. This can be the same for anyone, every time that you drive it could be the last time you see anyone ever again. With everyone that is on there phones while driving can take a life in a second. You don't know when the last time you will see your family. This should be very personal to everyone because your family should be the most important thing to you. You may not always like them but they are yours to loose.

This is one of my senior pictures, me and my dog Lucy had our tongues out at the same time.

This is one of my senior pictures, it was taken in my yard with my 1941 Farmall H tractor.

Intro Morgan Kiehl

Morgan Kiehl
English 1109.1 TUTH 10:30
Mike Lohre

Hello im Morgan,my heart has truthfully has always been centered in the barn with my animals.I tend to be more comfortable around peoples pets rather than people themselves, some may describe this behavior as awkward but hey, you are who you are.Although, I do feel im decently approachable and easy to talk to and most of all I try and be kind to all, but not one to be pushed around.Also, I love my friends and family dearly.

While reading "A long Way Gone' the first thing that really stuck out to me theme wise would be family values.It really shocked me to see how fast the book went straight into the the scenes of the rebels attacking and the vivid images of distressed people and family's in the book.It really stood out to me how much family's worked together and how far they would travel by foot for one another.This theme was important to me because it made me think about my family and how close we all are and how grateful I am to have a close family.

Introduction from Zach

I am Zach Wiseman 

I live In Kenton Ohio with my family, with have 2 sisters, one being 17 and my other is 6 years old.
I love being outside and doing things like; fishing, hunting or playing sports. I also love gaming
and have a PlayStation 4 and enjoy all verities and themes my favorite being Far Cry 3. I am Undecided on my major but I love Biology and may go into that field or maybe nursing or something else in the medical field.

In a Long Way Gone, in the first chapter , the central theme is being oblivious to war. But not being oblivious as in a way of being ignorant but just the fact that they are just young kids. Ishmael and his friends are focused on rap music and dancing. On the way to a talent show in a neighboring town a friend tells them that the rebels have attacked. On their way back home the see they see people running and shouting and dead bodies in cars. They then realize they cannot return home and must wait in Mattru Jong .

This theme stands out to me because if I was in that situation I would probably fell the same. Being oblivious that nothing ever bad would happen to me and will be right in the world.
This my Florida gar, Vaas, in my 55gal aquarium 

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This is Irene at our house, going out to feed the chickens.