Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introduction From Bonnie Welsh

Hi, my name is Bonnie Welsh. I am eighteen years old. I am the youngest of five children with ages ranging from 35-18. I am an aunt to eight boys and two girls, and a great aunt to two girls and one boy. I am very active in the 4-H program, I am a camp counselor, on Jr. Fair Board, a state senior ambassador, the president of my 4-H club, show hogs and received Overall Grand Champion Car-lot Market Hog this past summer, and on a state committee that put together a lesson plan for 4-H kids about how to use the local food movement in their daily lives. I spend most of my time with my friends and family because they are the most important people to me. I am going into the Agriculture field, my major is Agricultural Communications. I have always felt the calling for agriculture because I grew up with it and everyone will always need agriculture so it has great job security!

The theme that came out to me was that even when something you want to do  your families safety always comes before that. When the boys came to his grandmother's house they all thought that they were just stopping before going to their friend's talent show. But when they found the war was in their hometown now, they dropped everything to make sure that their family was okay. This can be the same for anyone, every time that you drive it could be the last time you see anyone ever again. With everyone that is on there phones while driving can take a life in a second. You don't know when the last time you will see your family. This should be very personal to everyone because your family should be the most important thing to you. You may not always like them but they are yours to loose.

This is one of my senior pictures, me and my dog Lucy had our tongues out at the same time.

This is one of my senior pictures, it was taken in my yard with my 1941 Farmall H tractor.


  1. Your comment about family and it could be the last time you ever see them again, I have thought about the same thing all the time. Every time I drive I always think about what if I get in a car crash, what will be the effect on my family's life.

  2. yeah me too! I was actually in a crash in March. Lucky my car was the only thing hurt but I mean I could of not been here today if it went bad. I mean it was still snowy in March and I did end up in a snow bank. The last person I would of talked to would have been my best friend and that's really scary to think of.


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