Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introduction from Lexia Wilson

I am Lexia. My full name is Lexia Nicole Wilson. I was born in Galion, Ohio but I have lived in Cardington, Ohio most of my life. I graduated from Cardington-Lincoln High School in 2015 in the top ten. I have two siblings. There names are Laynee and Sydnie. Laynee is going to be 15 and is starting her first year of high school and Sydnie is 11 and is starting sixth grade this year. While in high school I was on the bowling team and I went to state twice once as a team and again as an individual. Also while I was in high school I played volleyball for all four years and softball for the first three years.(I have actually played softball since I was about 4 years old) I was also apart of our FFA and NHS chapters. My senior year I was the treasurer of the NHS at our school. An interesting fact about me is that I work with a para-mutual company called Racing Technologies. In this business we go to fairs all over Ohio and take bets. It is a fairly simple job but when I first started I knew nothing about harness racing and I was overwhelmed with all of the new lingo. Though now when I think back about when I first started it is crazy to think that I didn't know anything because now I feel like I know everything fairly well and I really enjoy it. I would like to obtain a job as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or as some sort of doctor so I may have to switch my major from nursing to pre-med.

Me and my best friend Mikhal Taha at graduation.
Me photo bombing my best friend and boyfriend at graduation.

The theme that stood out to me in the first chapter of A Long Way Gone was survival. I feel that this theme is important because I believe that Junior, Talloi, Kaloko, Khalilou, Gibrilla and the narrator will eventually have to fend for themselves. If they are not able to fend for themselves they will never survive the situation that they have started to see in just the first chapter. I believe that this situation for the boys would be very difficult because they are being forced to grow up so quickly at such a young age Survival to me is overcoming difficult circumstances like the boys will eventually have to face. 

Lexia Wilson 


  1. I think that survival is a big theme in the book too. I think that the boys will never last if they do not learn how to survive, it would be a whole new world for them because it is not just the normal every day life, it is now a war zone and that changes their mind sets for survival.

  2. Lexi, I agree with survival being a big theme in the book. The boys are going to have to learn how to do things on there own or they are never going to survive. Especially because they are in a war zone!


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