Thursday, August 27, 2015

Intro Morgan Kiehl

Morgan Kiehl
English 1109.1 TUTH 10:30
Mike Lohre

Hello im Morgan,my heart has truthfully has always been centered in the barn with my animals.I tend to be more comfortable around peoples pets rather than people themselves, some may describe this behavior as awkward but hey, you are who you are.Although, I do feel im decently approachable and easy to talk to and most of all I try and be kind to all, but not one to be pushed around.Also, I love my friends and family dearly.

While reading "A long Way Gone' the first thing that really stuck out to me theme wise would be family values.It really shocked me to see how fast the book went straight into the the scenes of the rebels attacking and the vivid images of distressed people and family's in the book.It really stood out to me how much family's worked together and how far they would travel by foot for one another.This theme was important to me because it made me think about my family and how close we all are and how grateful I am to have a close family.


  1. That is a very good theme that you talked about for m the book. and you are a very easy person to talk to glad that i met you

  2. I loved your connection that you have with your animals, I have always thought it is so important for children when they are younger to have good relationships with animals in their house because it will also mean they will they will treat people good as well and it shows in you, you are very nice to everyone you meet. Animals also have that unconditional love and happiness that we can learn so much from!


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