Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hi! I'm Tim Davis owner of my too current businesses Rays Mulch'n More and Rise'n Shine Cleaning. I am 19 years old and love playing soccer in my spare time.

 A theme that stood out to me was how the narrator had to experience the tragedy of war so early in life. For this kids age its like he was being forced to grow up at such a young age such as a man trying to run away from the war while being shot at and his whole family was shot and killed. Or the woman carrying a baby on er back, leaving a trail of blood. those are examples of things a young boy should never have to experience or witness for that matter. It's really not fair for a kid to have to go through this. To me this means that sometimes life isn't always a pretty or easy thing to go through. Such a this young boy it's as tough he was stripped of his innocence and war is just apart of his life that he's used  to. Being used to war and violence is something nobody should just be a custom to. It is unfair that people such as myself get to live in peace and freedom, while young kids such as himself have to live in fear and war.


  1. I really am impressed on your motivation to better yourself and start multiple businesses ! both of my parents are independent business owners .

  2. The best part about my businesses is being able to talk to all of the clients one on one and build a certain trust. Plus you know starting any business is just fun because you choose you're own hours and you're income, so that's always a plus..


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