Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introduction from Pernale Blake

Hello my name is Pernale Blake, most people call me Pernale. I am from a small town called Marysville about an hour from campus. I have three brothers: one younger, and two that are older than me.Things that I enjoy doing are hanging out with friends and playing sports.. The one thing I love the most in this world is playing and watching football.

This is me and my friends (from left to right) Luke, Van, Jeff, and Keano. Luke and Jeff actually are attending Ohio State Marion along with me.

The theme that stood out to me while reading "A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah is war. as soon as the book started you were directly in the middle of a war. I believe the author was saying that when you are in war that ofter times it'll surprise you and sort of make you feel cheated. On page two, in the first paragraph I believe is a great representation of the theme. It talks about all the tragedies that have happened, and explains how the narrator is thinking. To me this is frightening because these are just kids, this is probably the worst thing they will ever face and it is at such a young age


  1. really cool that you're going to college with your friends from school!


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