Thursday, August 27, 2015

Brittney Hanks

Brittney Hanks
English 1109 at 10:30 Tuesday and Thursday
Mike Lohre

Intro from Brittney Hanks

Hi i am Brittney Elizabeth Hanks, I love spending time with my family and friends. Most the time I spending time with my little sister Courtney and my two brothers Matt and joey. I am a very out going person, i love talking to knew people all the time. I love to meet new people all the time. I work at the YMCA as a life guard and a swim teacher. I love my swim lessons they are truly are the reason that why I want to become a teacher.

In my reading of A long way gone , the theme of the reading is  bravery . what really stuck out to me was all the  bravery the boys had when they were in trouble when the rebels came to the boys town. Also, the importance of  the family to the boys even if they were not family they protect the friends. The boys town that they were in was being attacked and everyone kept it as a normal thing. Very one in the town didn't know how to act, except the boys and they had took off for safety out of the town. The two brothers never left each others side.

My Best friend Breann

My sister Courtney and I

My Family (Dad, Mom, Matt,Joey,Grandma,Grandpa,and Courtney)


  1. When you become a teacher what subject would you like to teach? and where would you want to teach? would you want to stay here in Ohio or go somewhere else?

  2. I want to become a special education teacher. I thought about going back to the schools that I went to as a kid (Delaware City), but at the same time I would like to get out of the town and teach some where different.


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