Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introduction from Zach

I am Zach Wiseman 

I live In Kenton Ohio with my family, with have 2 sisters, one being 17 and my other is 6 years old.
I love being outside and doing things like; fishing, hunting or playing sports. I also love gaming
and have a PlayStation 4 and enjoy all verities and themes my favorite being Far Cry 3. I am Undecided on my major but I love Biology and may go into that field or maybe nursing or something else in the medical field.

In a Long Way Gone, in the first chapter , the central theme is being oblivious to war. But not being oblivious as in a way of being ignorant but just the fact that they are just young kids. Ishmael and his friends are focused on rap music and dancing. On the way to a talent show in a neighboring town a friend tells them that the rebels have attacked. On their way back home the see they see people running and shouting and dead bodies in cars. They then realize they cannot return home and must wait in Mattru Jong .

This theme stands out to me because if I was in that situation I would probably fell the same. Being oblivious that nothing ever bad would happen to me and will be right in the world.
This my Florida gar, Vaas, in my 55gal aquarium 

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