Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introdution from Cameron

Cameron Koonce

 Introduction Blog Cameron Koonce

  My name is Cameron Jamal Koonce i was born in Marion, Ohio. I attended Marion City school's till i was in eighth grade. Then i attended North Union public schools till I graduated from North Union High School in 2008 A fun fact about me is that i have a six year old son his name is Darrius Immanuel he is in the first grade and attends George Washington Elementary. Another fun fact is that  I love history it is a passion of mine because history is always changing, but it is also always repeating itself and you never know when history is going to come in handy in your everyday life.

The theme that stood out to me in A Long Way Gone is the love for rap music that Junior and his brother there friend's  had even tho they didn't know what rap music was. What stood out to me is that the rappers like Heavy-D and The Boys  and some of the other ones is that i grew up listening to those rap while i was a child. Also i thought that it was neat that just after finding out what rap music was they decided to form their own rap and dance group. It's really neat to see how far our music from america reached out even back when rap music was pretty much just getting started. The theme just goes to show dont give up on your dream no matter what the cercumstances are. Even if you are dirt poor and have nothing to your name you never know if you will be able to make it in life if you dont get out there and try and explore and do new things with your family or friends.
This is my son Darrius this was a picture that we took right before Christmas of last year


  1. Cameron,
    What's your favorite part of history as in what time period? I also like history from about 1940's to today.


  2. Great connection with the theme Cameron, it is amazing how music it is so healthy for us to enjoy music and in the book he really puts an emphasis of how music helped him cope with what is happening.
    I remember you said you would like to be a history teacher, to what grade would you like to teach?

  3. I am thinking about trying to teaching high school


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