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Extra Credit example

Imagine I am trying to post a video here that I have recorded on YouTube.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The one snapshot that I am revising and polishing is snapshot 4 about how music has a impact on for you.

Extra Credit. Kayla Frea.

I rewrote snapshot 4. It was about music. I recorded and edited this video. This video was weird to film because I was talking to no one but the camera. This was also my favorite snapshot to write because I love the music industry. Video  This is my video. I loved working with this video and making it my own.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

J11-Pernale Blake

Journal 11: Close reading and sharing by Pernale Blake

1.) Observations- A few things I noticed about this profile is how passionate Reverend A. L. Durst is about speaking. He started his career in 1929 announcing baseball games for the Negro Leagues in Austin, Texas. And now currently is an active minister at the Olivet Baptist Church. In the photo on page 178 I noticed how happy Reverend is about what he has accomplished throughout his lifetime. The photo on “The Rev. Lavada Durst, a.k.a. Dr. Hepcat” a Disc Jockey (Retired) from Austin, Texas he is holding a book written about himself. Obviously very proud of himself as he holds up his book with confidence. The right resembles the book he is praising in the photo in the book “Holding On”.

2.) Connection- This story about Reverend reminds me of myself. He is extremely passionate about announcing things whether it's a sport, or a simple verse at church. It reminds me of myself because I am also extremely passionate about football. In fact I am managing my entire major and college expectations around it. Just like Reverend I will have to sacrifice decades upon decades of effort in order to reach my goal.

3. Questions-I just didn't understand why he would stick to something, when you can't even walk down the street because people are harassing you. I don't know it just doesn't seem worth it to me.

4.)Research or Vocabulary- A theme i noticed while reading the profile is the hardships of making it as an African American dreamer. And the sacrifice and passion it takes in order to fulfill a lifelong dream, and childhood fantasy.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Journal 11 Zach Wiseman

The observations that I saw in the profile of Dan Barlow, the former mayor of Colorado City, was how he gave a back story of the history of his religious beliefs and what he is a part of. Dan is a fundamentalist Mormon which is the practice of polygamy and when he was a young man it was all almost taken away from him. In his profile picture he is looking through a window wearing nice cloths with a smile on his face. Not looking like any sort of a treat, just a typical elderly man. I believe the picture represents that he is considered like and outsider for what he believes in. When the Arizona police raided Short Creek and arrested the community; with no retaliation, " The law will take care of us, and the lord will preserve us".

The connection to the this and todays world is the same as it was today the Mormon culture is still frowned upon and still faces religious persecutions along with the rising dislike of Islamic culture. Just like in Barlow's story the police who should be considered our protectors today the police force are considered in some communities.

 The questions that I had after reading the profile are , Did things go back to normal after the raid?, Is the Mormon culture present in any other parts of the United states or the  rest of the world? Do police still profile the people of the Short Creek?

Here are some vocabulary words that will help anyone in reaching the topic of the religion Dan Barlow, with a link as well .

.Fundamental Mormonism

. The Mormon manifesto  


Journal 11: Matt Kennedy

OBSERVATION: Matt's family was not from the United States, but they all immigrated to the united states. Matt was a director and coney island chamber of commerce. He is in charge of businesses in Coney Island. The photo of Matt is the the cyclone. what is the cyclone and i looked it up on why its such a big thing it said "Coney Island History Comes Alive on the Cyclone Roller Coaster!The Mother of American roller coaster culture and the “Big Momma” of Coney Island, the Cyclone tops everyone’s list of things to do in New York City. Get ready to shake, rattle, rumble and roll over 2,640 feet of track featuring 12 drops and 27 elevation changes that still has the stuff to take your breath away. Slowly rise to panoramic heights and grip the bar tight as you go over the ledge on an exhilarating 85-foot, 60-degree plunge at speeds of 60 mph. It’s an all-time classic amusement park ride that’s kept coaster lovers coming back since the Cyclone roller coaster first debuted on June 26, 1927." (also goes in my research), but you can see  that Kennedy means well in aspect he wants the best for Coney Island. Brooklyn New York

CONNECTION: Matt seems very family oriented. Matt spent a lot of time with his grandparents as do I. Do to the fact my family is all super close. My Grandparents and I are very close like Matt and his grandma are. 

WHAT QUESTION: In the story about Matt and how its only two pages i don't really have any questions. but what made him get into his job.

the question I had was what is czar is Czar is a Russian word for ruler or emperor. Those kinds of czars are long gone, but we still use the word to describe people in charge of something important. Up until the early 20th century, the ruler in Russia was a man called a czar who had total power, like an emperor or dictator.