Tuesday, December 8, 2015

J11-Pernale Blake

Journal 11: Close reading and sharing by Pernale Blake

1.) Observations- A few things I noticed about this profile is how passionate Reverend A. L. Durst is about speaking. He started his career in 1929 announcing baseball games for the Negro Leagues in Austin, Texas. And now currently is an active minister at the Olivet Baptist Church. In the photo on page 178 I noticed how happy Reverend is about what he has accomplished throughout his lifetime. The photo on “The Rev. Lavada Durst, a.k.a. Dr. Hepcat” a Disc Jockey (Retired) from Austin, Texas he is holding a book written about himself. Obviously very proud of himself as he holds up his book with confidence. The right resembles the book he is praising in the photo in the book “Holding On”.

2.) Connection- This story about Reverend reminds me of myself. He is extremely passionate about announcing things whether it's a sport, or a simple verse at church. It reminds me of myself because I am also extremely passionate about football. In fact I am managing my entire major and college expectations around it. Just like Reverend I will have to sacrifice decades upon decades of effort in order to reach my goal.

3. Questions-I just didn't understand why he would stick to something, when you can't even walk down the street because people are harassing you. I don't know it just doesn't seem worth it to me.

4.)Research or Vocabulary- A theme i noticed while reading the profile is the hardships of making it as an African American dreamer. And the sacrifice and passion it takes in order to fulfill a lifelong dream, and childhood fantasy.

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