Monday, December 7, 2015

Journal 11. Kayla Frea.

Joe Franklin
The profile Joe Franklin is about a man who is a talk show host. He never wants to let people down or tell them no.  The way that this profile was composed was not like the rest. There was a little part in the beginning that told a little bit about the subject. Franklin always had people calling into his studio with the next best thing. He never wanted to let the caller get hurt so he would never say no to someone he would just hang up and let their minds make up reasons why he was not on the line anymore. The profile has examples of the recording. These samples give the reader an idea of the conversations between the dreamer and himself. His picture is him surrounded by tape and papers. This shows the many ideas people have brought to him over the years and none of them are thrown away as bad ideas they just do not make the cut at the time.
This profile shows how hard work can end in a great job. Franklin started off as a record picker and moved up in the production business. This is connected to our time because everyone has to start somewhere in their careers and move to where they want to be in their dream job. He also is supportive of his callers even if he does not use their ideas he does not crush their dreams just keeps them hoping. This story can help us today because everyone is a dreamer and can get to where they want to be in life. It is just how they get there. No one needs to have their dreams crushed because someone cannot take them at the moment.
A question that I had while reading this was did my parents or grandparents watch this when they were my age or older?
I just researched the show itself and watched some clips. I also learned that Joe Franklin passed away earlier this year at the age 88. He was not just a talk show host he was also in different movies. Movies such as Ghoul School and Ghostbusters. He has been written about many times in newspapers. Franklin interviewed over 300,000+ guests on his show.
This is a poster from his talk show promoting it.


  1. i wondered if my parents watched this too! they are very old

  2. I liked the research that you did. It was interesting to know that he was in movies too.


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