Monday, December 7, 2015

Journal 11 by Daniel Scheiderer

One thing that stood out to me during this profile of Van Calvin is the very first picture that they show of her. The picture is of her with a straight face sitting with a bunch of mannequins, this photograph is very very disturbing in my opinion and is kinda scary, well mannequins are scare me anyways. Something that stood out to me while reading the interview is that when she would answer something her sone Mikel would have to correct her almost every time and that really stands out with her having three strokes in her past and her forgetting a lot of her memory. I really never heard about a mannequin repair, i mean i kinda though they existed i just never really heard of one or seen one. IN present day i don't think that this would last very long because even though stores use them its not as popular as it was, and having a small business like this doesn't help the cause. A question that came to my mind during the profile is that like what really made her think about coming a mannequin repair person, like that is just a weird occupation and not a normal business to open. something i looked up is how many mannequin repair shops are in the state of Ohio and i found that there is 28 of them across the state.


  1. Great post Danny! and also good research there! that is surprising, I wouldn't even think that there were that many of them! They are definitely holding on to what they know! Such a unique thing to do!

  2. I agree that in present day they don't think that it would last very long because they are not as popular as before. The truth hurts but some will make it.


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