Monday, December 7, 2015

Journal 11: Fred Bloodgood From Lexia Wilson

The profile on Fred Bloodgood starts out in the voice of Isay. In the paragraph in Isay's voice he is giving some background information Fred Bloodgood. Then it goes Fred's voice and he talks about how it decided that he wanted to be a side-show talker at the circus. This is an important aspect of this profile because it lets you know what kind of job he had before the circus and what he really enjoyed doing. In the one and only picture in this profile Fred Bloodgood is holding up his "Doc Bloodgood's Miracle Tonic". This picture is important because if you just look at his eyes you can see that he loved his job. Another thing that I noticed within in this profile is that he gave an example of his side-show. This aspect is also important because it gives you a feel for how exciting it was to be at the circus watching one of his side-shows. 

This story can be connected to today's world because you can still go to the circus today. When you go to the circus you can see many different side-show acts. I can also relate this to myself as well because when I was little I went to a circus that came to Mount Gilead which is a little town about 5 miles away from where I live. This story can help us today because it will teach us to appreciate people of kinds no matter what they do because you might find what they do to be extremely interesting to hear about. 

One question that I came up with was How do you come up with all of these crazy ideas for your acts? His idea for the Neola character was so imaginative. Some vocabulary that I found was the the word kimono; which means a loose, wide-sleeved robe, fastened at the waist with a wide sash, characteristic of Japanese costume. I also did some research and I wanted to know what the Neola character looked like so I looked it up and this is what I got...nothing because she isn't really she is a made up character. Fred dressed up a little man named Shorty and he was the best Neola that he ever had!


  1. I really like how you talked about how you can relate your story to yourself because you have went to a circus when you were younger. I have always thought circus's were very interesting! Lot's of thing's to see that is for sure! Very interesting animals, people and acts!

  2. I really liked what you said about it will teach us to appreciate people of kinds no matter what they do because you might find what they do to be extremely interesting to hear about. i agree 150%!

  3. I really like how you looked up the character that he made up. I was very interested to see what it looked like even if it was just all an illusion. I also like how you talked about appreciating all different people and this book really does show this.

  4. That is what I was thinking! How crazy it was to have all those ideas of dressing up and acting like a deranged person. That was very interesting but he loved what he was doing and he also got the other guy he was working with to enjoy himself so that is all that counts! even if he gets a little strange in the process!


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