Monday, December 7, 2015

Journal 11: Bill Seward From Tristen Stover.

This is Bill Seward.
He is the owner of the Jersey Lilly Bar and Café.
He lives in Ingomar, Montana.

1. Observations: I would like to share three things that I noticed about Bill Seward's profile and the way that it has been composed. The first observation I would like to talk about is the picture that has been used in this profile. The picture is at the top of this page and it is Bill looking around a big wooden door with a cute little smile on his face. He also has one of his hands in his pockets and just look's so innocent. This observation is important because it is one out of the two pictures that is used in this profile and this picture is the only picture of Bill. The picture of Bill is a wonderful visual aid. The other picture is a picture of the Jersey Lilly Bar and Café. The second observation that I would like to share is that I noticed that Bill wrote the profile himself. Bill was the one who was explaining everything. No one else. This observation is important because as soon as you start to read the profile you realize that it is Bill writing the profile himself and because of that, everything is explained very well to the readers and helps us understand everything clearly. The last observation that I would like to share is how Bill's profile uses incorrect past and present tense. For example, a lot of sentences uses the word come but it really should be came. "My dad, he come up here as a young fellow from Texas, and he met my mother here- she come with her folks from Michigan as homesteaders" (Pg. 182). As you can see, Bill talks as if he is an old timer. His use of the English language is not very proper.

2. Connection to today's world:  We can connect this story to today's world because to this day you can still go to old cafes. If you happen to go to an old café though you will notice that you can see that the café has been open for many of years and is very old and small just like Jersey Lilly's Bar and Café. You will also notice that at little old cafes they will have one item that they specialize in. For example, at Jersey Lilly's Bar and Café there beans were there special item. On the other hand, I can relate this story to my own experience because throughout the years I have gone to many different places like Florida, and when I have been down there on vacation we have gone to many different little bars and cafes. They were very neat that is for sure! This story might help us today because it will teach us how little things in life can mean a lot to someone no matter what it is.

3. Question:  One question that had came up as I was reading through the profile was why did Bill not have a birth certificate when he was born?

4. Research or Vocabulary: A vocabulary word that I think will help everyone understand Bill's profile is the word perturbed. The definition of perturbed is, to disturb or to have a lack of calmness, peace or ease. It also means to have anxiety and uneasiness. That word will help us understand Bill's profile because that is how the old gentlemen meaning Bill's dad felt. "That made the old gentlemen a little bit perturbed" (Pg. 183).

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  1. he was sure interesting, and i had the same question i thought it was a little odd in aspect he didn't have one.


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