Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8 : PTSD and Holding On- Noel B-H

I think the most important thing I saw in the film was pulling away from the world. When he came back he really wanted to just be alone and not talk to anyone. Even with his wife he wasn't wanting to be around her because he a lot personal things he needed to take care of. Something I found interesting was how even when he was in the program to help him get better he dropped out. It was really sad seeing someone struggle like that because no one should have to go through something like that. During the film he mentioned he got a lot of questions like "How are you doing?" and "How are you feeling?". When all the time he really wanted was help and just wanted all the pain to go away because it was just haunting him so much. I think something that could help veterans would be asking "How can we help?" "What would help you right now?". None of us will ever know what they went through and I don't think we would want to know. The best we can do is try to help them cope with the memories and be able to try to live with some happiness. Programs for them able to take their time and they know they are not alone.
Something that really stuck out to me was the lifestyle of hobos and the willingness to work. In the story it had mentioned that hobos don't worry about being broke and they will work for a little bit then move on to the next place. Their lifestyle was simple but now of days would seem impossible to live off of. I think one of my favorite parts of writing was on 19-20, "But if it's a bunch of hoboes, they see that rock on the ground, and right away I'm under their wing, and I share their dinner and so on." For some reason I just really liked this and it really made it clear how the relationship was with hoboes together as more or less of a group.
If I was out of work I think I would try to find locally to work. I already don't have a car so it wouldn't be as a significant thing to not have a car. I usually have to walk places or ride my bike if I want to go somewhere. I would most likely try to find work at a church or a nursing home if I was able to. I would try to find some place where I would feel comfortable and feel welcomed even in my situation.

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