Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8 ! :) Morgan Kiehl

The most important thing I noticed in "The Marlboro Marine' was the struggles he had within his marriage. It was devastating to me to see a mans dreams and motivation be completely stolen by PTSD. I recall the marine saying he just wanted to "get rid of the pain" and how hard it was to revert back into a normal civilian life. To hear the marine talk about how he wanted to still marry his fiancé and he did, but became so consumed within his personal problems he couldn't focus on his marriage and that the marriage failed. This was really heartbreaking to me.

An idea I had to possibly help veteran's upon returning from war is to educate ourselves. I really think we has a community need to think about how we are speaking to our vets and what we can do to help and try to understand a bit more. Hopefully in the future there will be more programs to help vet cope with PTSD and a more common education among people on how to act or speak around vets.

What struck me most about  the hobo life style in "Holding On"  is the that there is a difference between bums and hobos. In the book a hobo explains the difference to thee 13 year old boys describes bums as "They bum because they all want something for nothing" and explained the behavior among the bums.

If I were in such a predicament where I was out of work, and had no car I would most likely fall back on my other family members.I know I have an extremely close distant family and good friends that would help me in a hard time. I would find work any where I could and save to get a car and then continue my lesson teaching business within my horses and offer to work with peoples horses for money since I would have no money for an education.

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