Thursday, October 8, 2015

Journal 7 : Morgan Kiehl

     Uncle Tommy, most of us can say we have a pretty cool uncle, but Uncle Tommy I believe out does all of out Uncles. Although, Tommy wasn't a character until later in Ishmaels story he quickly became my favorite. With open arms and excitement Tommy welcomes Beah into his home despite the possible risks. Tommy had no hesitation and although he doesn't have much even for him self and his wife and children he is excited to share with Beah and just really wants to get to know Beah and help him further in his PTSD recovering which he is surprising extremely very sensitive and understanding of." I'll see you soon again my son" (Tommy 178) I really liked this line because the word "son" just rang in my head after the end of this passage and I was so excited that something was actually looking up for Beah.
    I believe Ishmael is reaching the road of a successful recovery, as much as I wish it could be a yes or no answer if Beah will reach a successful recovery, its not. Clearly, Beahs recovery will be a very dynamic event, some days he may be fine others not so much, but I do believe as strong willed as Beah is he will want to fall back into feeling like a child and him old self, he isn't a killer nor did he ever want to become one. You ask whether or not I would be okay with Beah living in my neighbor hood, my answer is yes I would be completely okay with Beah being my neighbor. Beah never wanted to just kill and now that he has been taken out of the war environment I would hope he is a different person.
    " I was worried about what to do when my nightmares and migraines took hold of me" (Beah 179).I really like this line because it gives us another insight to Beah and how powerful these effects of PTSD are, when he describes the migraines and nightmares as taking hold of him, it really gives the reader a feel of how bad these Sid effects are and how devastating they are.
    "I always felt uncomfortable when people cried because of what I had been through. I looked at Alhaji and Mambu, who were staring into the dark night. I wanted to tell them about the discovery of my uncle, but I felt guilty," ( Beah 173). This quote hit me pretty hard, to think of how excited Beah must have been to find out about his uncle, but he still remains so incredibly humble that he does not want to tell his friends because they has yet to discover family to take care of them.


  1. Hi Morgan, I'm going to respond to the paragraph where you talked about Ismael and him reaching his goal of a good recovery. I totally agree with you when you said that you would want Ishmael to be in your neighborhood.

  2. Hi Morgan, I am going to respond to the paragraph where you say that you believe Ishmael is reaching the road of a successful recovery. I totaly agree with you. He is trying to recover the best that he can.


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