Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal 9 From Tristen Stover.

The film The Hobart Shakespearians, made me think about how important education is to not only the students but also to the teachers. The teachers are very important to the children. The teacher’s definitely impact the children’s lives a lot. I feel like the class that Rafe has is another way to better the students’ lives in the long run because of the lessons that he teachers and also the way he teaches them. I think it is great how Rafe’s class is creating a better foundation for these students’ lives as they grow up and they learn the importance and/or values of education. Rafe’s students cared so much about their education they even came to school on Saturday’s. Rafe stated “Students even came over to my house on their Saturdays so that they could come learn”. Unlike kids today, who would never think about going to a class on Saturday his students used their vacation or break time to go and learn one more extra day. I love how Rafe is teaching a class that helps teach long lasting life skills for the students and is always encouraging them to do their best. My experience in elementary school was kind of similar to how Rafe was to the students except for me, all of my teachers were there for me and was always there if I needed help with something or had a question. I tended to struggle with my work so it was nice to be able to go straight to my teachers and get help from them at such a young age. It was nice to see what I was capable of doing on my own but if I had a question on something, I made sure I went and got help right away. With me, I tend to learn better in a visual way or learn with a hands on activity so in my opinion I think my elementary education went very good just like Rafe’s student’s educations went. On the other hand, I learned that the value of setting goals were very high for Rafe’s students. Rafe cared so much about his students and really wanted his students to all create goals for themselves so that they knew where they would be going/heading later on in life. Rafe’s students are being taught how to set goals for themselves and also how to accomplish them, and in my opinon all children need to be taught that. A specific personal goal that I have set for myself for next year is to either be in my first couple of classes for nursing at OSUM or to be moved out and living on Ohio State’s main campus and taking my nursing classes there.


  1. That was a very good summary of the film

  2. I like that you pointed out that the kids cared about their education so much that they even cam to school on Saturday i would love to see that happen here around Ohio.

  3. I liked how you covered a lot of details and i agree with rafe cared alot about the kids


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