Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Morgan kiehl Journal 9

"The Hobart Shakespearians" really brought me a lot of joy and excitement for those inner city children from Los Angles. I really loved how truly dedicated the teacher was to his students and his work as a teacher. Rave didn't just want his students to learn the required 5th grade material, he wanted to educate them to prepare them for life, and have a lot of fun. My sister is also a teacher and the way Rave talked about his students reminded me a lot of her and that makes me really happy to know she has goals like that for her students.

My elementary education surely wasn't bad, it was actually pretty great, lots of friends, lots of fun, and a lot of kick ball. Maybe my memory isn't crystal clear, considering I'm trying to think back to elementary school, but I know I had good quality teachers growing up. I did not have any teachers that would work four jobs to send us on trips, none the less they were still great people though .

"Be nice... work hard" Rave stated over and over to his students and I loved that he said this to his kids so repeatly. These kids who have poor back grounds learned that they can succeed and they need to push themselves to do better everyday. The value of setting goals was so crucial for these kids, it may have been all they had to hold onto when they got home. I learned that having bigger goals and bigger dreams is okay, and having faith in ourselves is most important.

I have so many goals for myself I can get overwhelmed. I have always been one to push myself maybe a little to hard. One major goal I have for next year if not this year is to ride for OSU western equestrian team at there National finals in Kentucky.

"Ride aggressive, be confident, because its all of nothing and the number one thing is you cannot ride timid"


  1. Dont get to overwhelmed everything will be fine. Eveyone needs goals, they need goals so that they have something to strive towards.


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