Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8 by The Daniel Scheiderer

In the short film "The Marlboro Marine" many things stood out to me, honestly PTSD affects your whole life, things you didn't think it would effect, it does.  In the film James marries Jessica who he really loved, but they couldn't work it out any more due to James having multiple problems and hen on top having problems with his marriage. Something that also stood out to me is that he liked being in a biker gang/group, it made him feel like there was order and it felt like the marine.

Something I would do to help the veterans would be, having therapist or pycolosist open in all states, or a place in the community for them to go and get away from everything, either for the day or the weekend.

Something that struck out to me while reading Holding On is that they actually try and get jobs and want to work and not just sit around like you see them and they will work just to get by. Honestly i didn't think a hobo was a real thing, i thought it was just something we called people that didn't work and just stayed outside and mooched off of people. this book made me understand that they're more than that.

If were out of work, and had no car and i had to get around i would either get a ride from a friend or walk, i would try anything just to have to the opportunity. If i didn't have a job i would walk around to places that are near me and see if they are hiring incase i do get a job i wouldn't need a car cause it is in walking distance.

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