Thursday, October 29, 2015

Journal 9 Bonnie Welsh

The thing that this movie made me think about is how much these kids know about Shakespeare. When I was ten years old I never even knew about Shakespeare until I got into my junior year of high school. With that being said, I feel that kids in the education system have bigger stress/responsibility. It is nice to know that they are getting to see what kids are learning in schools now, but the same thing they will have more things that my generations have not been doing since they were ten or so. In my elementary days, I went to a catholic school from Pre-K until 7th grade so you could say that my education wasn't what everyone else probably went through. You can say that I had a very sheltered start in life, and you would be true. So we never read anything that went against the religion. The book that was the biggest gasp moment was Animal Farm. So I didn't really get into Shakespeare until my junior year because that is what my teacher taught was basically only Shakespeare. I had, and still have problems with it because I was never taught how to read it.  Elementary schools should start teaching things that the students will need in high school.  I learned from this film that goal setting is important because you need to know where you want to be. To move there. A goal that I have for myself is to get a B average in my next English classes, and other classes. I will have to do hard work for this but I know if I put my best foot forward I can do it.     



  2. You are ready to own it in this coming year! Once you are at a B average you are ready for straights A's, pressure but you got it!!!

  3. good grades are always a good goal ! you got this ! :)


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