Monday, October 26, 2015

 Journal 8 Tim Davis
      In the film " The Malboro Marine " there were a lot of things that stuck out to me. One of the biggest things though was the effect of PTSD had on James. It didn't just mess up his marriage with Jessica, it also negatively effected his mind. At one point it got so bad that he stuck the barrel of his gun in his mouth and thought about killing himself because he couldn't live with the things he had don during his tour.
     One way I would help veterans returning from war would be to sit down and listen to there stories and get them help with a good psychologist and help them get into therapy.
     Something that stood out to me in the book "Holding on" was how Maury was only 13 years old when he went off by himself. Even though he was young there were groups of hoboes that took him in and raised him.
     If I were out of work and had no car to get to work or any opportunity, I would try to get involved in a church and try to make friends there and get help from them.

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