Thursday, October 8, 2015

Journal 7 from Pernale Blake

Throughout the book “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah I have grown extremely found of Allie. Allie is awesome, and I believe that he has influences many of Ishmael’s later life choices. Allie is Uncle Tommy’s son. Unfortunately Allie didn’t become a character until later. Uncle Tommy, Allie, and the rest of their family accepted Ishmael with open arms. Allie is very open armed to Ishmael as she offers him a room the second she meets him on page 177  “I am happy that you are staying with us, we can share my room” (Beah177). There family was pretty much poor but still believed that they could provide and protect Ishmael. In my opinion they succeeded, it was all just perfect for Ishmael. They also didn’t judge him or make him feel bad about the things he has done, which is why I love them.

Rehabilitation is possible; if you read the book “A Long Way Gone” you would understand how it is possible for a recovering child solider to become a functioning young adult. Overcoming all the tragedies that Ishmael was forced to overcome during the civil war would have been rough. He was forced to do some horrendous duties, some unmorally acceptable duties as well. Ishmael also had a huge drug addiction throughout the civil war, but immediately quit that habit after the war ended. Ishmael was obviously not able to accomplish this on his own, he received a lot of help from anyone that was willing. The UNICEF really helped Ishmael out, and helped himself find the real him. His Uncle Tommy really helped him too, giving him a family, and giving him a home. Without his family Ishmael would not have been able to cope with everyday life and would undergo PTSD without any support. I believe that rehabilitation is possible, and Ishmael is one perfect example. He has grown into the type of person you would love to have as a neighbor because he is strong and helping young man. He is kind and gets a long with most people and probably knows a lot about survival.

One thing I have enjoyed while reading this book is Ishmael usage of imagery. He uses a lot of sense details, metaphors, characterization, use of scene, and a lot of dialogue, and I think that is the main reason why he is such a great author. In chapter 18 he expresses his writing skill by putting in a simile. He loved to watch Esther, and on page 168 he says “I watched her go. She had a unique and graceful walk. It was almost as if she sailed on the ground” This is a great sense of detail and it really helps the reader out reading this. You see in your head exactly how she walked.

Something from my reading that I found heartwarming was when Ishmael first saw his Uncle Tommy’s house. He sees his Uncle’s house and loves it immediately even though it is not the best place to live. “The house had no electricity or running water and the kitchen that stood apart from the house was made entirely of zinc. Under a mango tree a few meters from the yard was a latrine and the kule” (Beah 177). The house was okay, not the best but Ishmael was grateful and noticed the things about the house that he loved instead of dwelling on how his new home doesn’t have a TV or electricity. I love how the author portrayed himself that way, It makes the reader love him a lot more and makes us want him to survive.

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