Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8 From Tristen Stover.

In my opinion I thought that Marlboro Marine was a very good but yet emotional film. We have already read and heard about the affects of PTSD in the book titled A Long Way Gone. In Beah's case is where we read all about PTSD and the affects it has. It was very neat and interesting to listen to someone talk about what they are going through to fight for our country. People usually don't take into consideration what soldiers have to go through while they are in war. They have to give it there all no matter what. Most soldiers are always needing help because of something that had happened to them and they usually always end up isolating themselves somehow. The most important thing I noticed in the short film was when Blake stated that he was glad he was still here. I thought that was the most important saying in the film because Blake had gone through a lot of things. He got turned down by a veteran which made him very upset, he had planned out his death because he wanted to get rid of the pain he was having, he tried to first attempt suicide in Iraq and he also had survivals guilt which is where he always wanted to know why he was still here.

I think that we could send the veterans to a support organization when they come back from war. The organization would help the veterans transition from the Armed Forces back to normal life. The organization could also offer employment for the veterans and provide them with financial support and assistance.

When I was reading about the hobo lifestyle in the book Holding On the thing that struck me the most was that there was never any money. Hobos would rather get a meal for working, or rather get a pair of jeans, a coat, or a blanket. In the old times that was the way people paid the men. They had paid him in trade. They aimed to work and that was a work ethic. Work ethics were a big part for hobos. A hobo never worried about being broke. They knew that they could work for there breakfast, and they knew they could work for there dinner. The writing was at it's best when there were sensory details used. "Many a man fell under the trains and was killed, and many a men had limbs cut off. Oh, the country was full of one-legged, one armed men" (Graham 21).

Lastly, if I were out of work, had no car, and had to try to get to another place for work or an opportunity I would try to catch a ride from someone and car pool so that I could go to different places to find more work and opportunities. I would go to neighborhoods to see if I could work for anyone because then that is a way I could make money and be able to experience different things with different people.

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