Thursday, October 29, 2015

Journal 9 (Cam K)

     What i thought about The Hobart Shakespearians was that Rafe has to be one of the most unique teachers that i have ever seen. For one he has his own method of teaching but it works and his students are on a higher learning level than most other students that are in the same grade as they are. I have never known of a teacher to take elementary students on class trips like Rafe did for his students. And he didn't treat his students like little kids i felt as if he treated the student's in his class as young adults. The documentary made me happy to see today's learning about things that most kids don't learn about till they are in middle school or high school.

When i was in elementary all those years ago, I wasn't learning about Shakespeare I was only learning the basic math, reading, writing and any other basic subjects that i was required to learn in elementary. Also the only field trips that we took was to Cosi down in Columbus,Ohio i wasn't going on class trips to Washington,D.C. And I definitely wasn't reading any Mark Twain books or any Shakespeare books. And the plays that i was involved in were your normal mill of the run plays about the holidays and other things like that i was never involved in any sophisticated plays like the Hobart Shakesperians were a part of. I feel as if Rafe's teaching style was used in my elementary school i probably would have put more effort into actually trying when i got to middle school.

I learned that seeting goals means everything, not only did i learn that from watching the documentary in class but that has always been a life lesson that my family has taught me. Because without life goals then you will just being going through life without any true plans of what you want to do and yo may miss your opportunity of your true calling because you waited to long in life and didn't plan out how you were going to make it all happen.

My goal for next year is to continue with my education at Ohio State and to possibly relocate to down to Columbus. Also i want to possibly be a substitute teacher and possibly start my own after school programs for students that cant afford to do other things that some kids can do due to the fact or what neighbor hood they live in or even due to the fact that their family doesn't make a lot of money.  



  1. I agree with you that Rafe is the most unique teacher that I have even seen! I thought it was also very cool that they got to go on trips because I didn't get to go on trips like that when I was in elementary school.

  2. that's a great goal you would be a great teacher


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