Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Journal 7 Reading Response Bonnie Welsh

The character that has meant to me to Esther. I really like her because she really helps Beah gets through after war to go back into civilian life, and I enjoy people so she really spoke to me. Whenever she talks to Beah she seems to not care what he has done she is only focused what where he needs to be at. I think that Beah rehabilitation is a good thing, but I feel that it would take a lot longer than what he said it did. "Habits" are really hard to break it take a while to break "bad" ones, I think that is it possible that he can go into civilian life again but I just feel it was a really quick process for him. If some thing like this would happen around my neighborhood I really don't know who I would react. I mean I know how to defend myself, I grew up being taught that guns don't kill people the person that pulls that trigger is the one that kills. Which is completely true, because guns can't physically kill anything, I tell that I would be contently wondering if they were going to get mad and start killing for no reason. so the only way I would feel safe in my own home is if I always had a gun with me for mine and my families protection. which should not be the case in your own house, your house should be the safest place in your "world". Some techniques that I have really liked is I always highlight the sense details because I feel that he does an awesome job of telling us what exactly what he is seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, and hearing. my favorite passage in the book that I have highlighted has to be when he was in new York and saw snow for the first time. "When Bah and I stepped through the sliding doors, we were greeted by an extremely cold wind. I felt my skin tighten. I couldn't  feel my face, and it seemed my ears had fallen off; my fingers hurt, and my teeth chattered. the wind penetrated through the summer pants and T-shirt I was wearing, and it felt as though I wasn't wearing anything. I was shivering as I ran back into the terminal. I had never in my life felt this cold. How could anyone survive this country? I thought," This passage really spoke to me because first it had great sense details about how people who have never experienced snow of cold weather feels. But us living in Ohio we are all to familiar with snow and cold weather. I thought it was funny how he was freaking out about this because it is a part of living in America. When I was reading this part I was just kept thinking  "Oh you have no idea how bad it can get."      

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