Thursday, October 8, 2015

Journal 7 Hans

Hans, Ananya
Hans. 34
Journal 7: Reading response using chapters 18-19 in A Long Way Gone

 1. The character who had the most impact on me other than Ishmael, was Esther. Esther, shows me how threw all the troubles and evil there is still hope. She gives a boy who's been striped of his youth and suffered, another chance at being young. She gives Ismael her unconditional love and support. This is showed through her actions, she came on her days off to help him. This is shown in the book when she gives him a Walkman with his favorite songs, she is overflowing with emotions. "Her face filled with sorrow and her voice was shaking when she spoke." (Pg. 154) This represents how much compassion Esther had for Ishmael.

2. I feel that the rehab is a great thing for Ishmael. It is a great way for him to transition his life from an extreme to normality. Esther is the biggest, I believe, on how well Ishmael is reacting to treatment. I think it very possible with his new family as support and his will, he will prosper. If Ishmael were to move to my neighborhood I would have many mixed emotions. I would be a little skeptical in the beginning, because of his anger, but as in the book he changes. So it would be interesting to be friends with him and listen to his stories in person.

3. As I've been reading, I have starting admiring Beah's use of sensory details. He touches the reader right in the heart. "It was a late afternoon, the sky was still blue, but the sun was dull, hiding behind the only cloud." (Pg. 180) This makes me feel like I'm right in the moment with Beah and can see what he is, it gives me as a reader a good sense of Beah's sites.

4. "After you are done here, you can come and live with me. You are my son. I don't have much, but I will give you a place to sleep, food, and love." This is my favorite line in the book thus far it shows that good defeats evil. Against all the odds and losses there is hope and this is the true meaning of humanity, as uncle Tommy shows so much compassion and acceptance for Beah even though he doesn't have much himself.

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