Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8 Bonnie Welsh

The most important thing in the film "The Marlboro Marine" in my opinion is the fact of how PTSD can really affect your whole life. After he came back to the states he married Jessica, which he said that he was uneasy about the wedding, because he just wanted to by himself. He have survived Iraq by himself, so he wanted to be alone. He was always at the crossroads of should I live or not. His mind, most of the time, thought that he didn't disserve to live. His mind almost won, but he prayed to God and talked to the photographer. They went to a PTSD center in Connecticut to help him. That is a true friend in my opinion.
I think what we could do, is educate the people with veterans coming home. That they will need to be alone for a while and just ask them what they need. Most vets don't want a huge party that they are home. They want to figure out how to come back into civilization, they don't want a big party. I think educating people is the best way for it.
What really got me when I was reading about the hobo culture is, they actually want to work and travel. I always thought that hobos where people that didn't want to work. but hobos are the people that will work for what they do, bums on the other hand, don't want to work. "You aim to work and that's a work ethic", I think that is the best writing in this 'chapter'. It shows that people that have work ethic want to work even odd end jobs, hobos will work for
If I was out of work, had no car , and I had to try to get to get another place for work. I would try to get work at a farm. I know many of the skills you need to work on a farm. There are many skills needed on a farm, you don't have every skill but you get a lot of them. Farming will always be there it cant be replaced by robots like in a factory. People will always need food. To find this work I would just have to go farm to farm asking if they need help, and if they will pay.

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