Monday, October 26, 2015

Journal 8. Kayla Frea.

Part One:
The most important thing I saw in the film was he pulled away from society. He was also having flashbacks in his dreams. He had a lot of suicidal thoughts and he would think over the thoughts for long periods of time. That made him depressed through the film.He would always wonder why he was left to live. This film showed me that everyone in war has different experiences and veterans in my family never want to bring up the topic, but will tell us stories. I have heard stories about past veterans in my family.
 We can never understand what the veterans have been though. We can help them by being there for them and not letting them push people out of their lives that are important to them. Also letting them talk to family and friends about what has happen. Everyone deals with their emotions differently. I think that the only way would be, for the person who has been effected, to be watched by family or friends and those are the people who need to be there for them. I also think that they should know more about what was happening, in the war and the family too. I know it made my Grandfather really happy when I got his brother's World War II hospital papers translated from German to English. This is just something I think my family liked. Other families and veterans may want to learn more about the war and what they were fighting for.
Part Two:
The part that stuck out to me was how accepting they were. The people that took him in taught him the lifestyle and he just made his way from there. They would leave clean dishes for each other at camp sites and they would leave symbols to describe the environment. The writing was the best on page 20, "You aim to work and that's a work ethic." I thought this was the best writing because it showed how the community lived their lives. They were humble about doing their work for a payment in food, or money, mostly food.
If I was out of work and I did not have a car, I think I would be in a very bad situation. I would first find shelter, at friends, family, or a shelter.  Then I would try and get work somewhere anywhere to get a income again. Then I would go from there, if that would be find a house or get a car or move up in the work force.

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