Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot Five- A short profile: Creativity and Daniel Scheiderer

Daniel is outgoing, interested in fashion, and is very energetic. Daniel also loves to talk to people and is usually always smiling. Being happy in life is key. Daniel is definitely easy to pick out of the crowd! Daniel loves having and buying new shoes. In a sense, he loves fashion all because of shoes. I interviewed Daniel because I wanted to explore how and where creativity affected his life. I wanted to know what creativity meant to him and how it works in his life. Daniels best artistic or creative ability was pretty interesting. He stated that he "Thinks out of the box and comes up with his own creative and interesting ideas." Daniel usually always talks about interesting ideas in class and explains them. Daniel likes to do his own things and come up with his own ideas but also he loves to make new friends and hang out with people. He likes listening to other people’s ideas. Daniel uses imagination in his daily life in a way in which he thinks of ways to have fun so that he is not bored and not doing anything. Daniel is definitely very active and loves being athletic. Daniel has always been a part of some type of sport. Also, Daniel uses creativity to help him become successful in a different way than others might. He stated that he will be "involved in fashion". On the other hand, Daniel's definition of imagination was that it is when he comes up with new ideas that are creative and original. Daniel was helped by a kid to become creative by his parents and his teachers. He said that they let him express how he felt no matter what the situation was.

This is Daniel in English class.


  1. FERGALICIOUS!!! That is awesome that you are getting into fashion! What is your dream job within fashion @DAnny
    @tristeN great flow of writing!!

  2. thats supper cool that you are into fashion, you can tell you care about your look a lot


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