Thursday, November 5, 2015

Journal 10: From Paul Winters

I have been doing good with the active reading so far with commenting and highlighting things so I can remember them. The only thing that I have struggle with is trying to find some things to relate to but I like reading about things that are hard to relate to it is good to ask questions then in the active reading.

First pick: The Reverend “Prophet” William J. Blackmon

I found this profile really compelling because of his faith and how he applied it.  He simply believes it isn’t enough to believe and we have to live it. He has such faith that he was able to heal people. I also loved how he loved his artwork he was so entangled and in love with what he was doing it was inspiring.

Second Pick: Sylvia (Ray) Rivera and Duty Inspector Seymour Pine

    This was an interesting story and considering the time that it was published it was still a controversial. It was sad to think of the narrow vision of life that Ray had and not feeling wanted and no apparent way out of his circumstance other than selling his body for money.
I also like the little forward at the beginning many years later they can stand there and talk to each other in peace. The night of the riot was a crazy night for the both of them and there was a lot of tension between the sides.

They were both good at letting the interviewee tell the story and their language was good at making the story compelling. A way that was different was that Sylvia and Seymour had an introduction that was good at bringing us to present day and also that it was a two part sort of profile but was neat of the same event and we got to hear different perspectives. Which is good especially since it is so controversial.

Research: drag queens

I have heard the term used but I didn’t know what it really was until this profile.

“I have been street person and a queen since the age of ten.”

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