Thursday, November 5, 2015

Journal 10 Zach

What I have  learned in the profiles that I've read is that American life varies and is different from  one another and everyone has there own story . I read the story about Geneva Tisdale. Geneva worked at Woolworth's for 42 years and has witnessed racial related things in her years working there including the civil rights movement. I also read the profile of Tommie Bass who started picking wild herbs and plants to cure people of illness.

The way that the two profiles were written were ideally the same. Both started with the introduction and both have the bodies of the story and both end with the the conclusion with quotes from Geneva and Tommie. But the stories of the two individuals differ greatly,like day and night . Geneva talks about her struggle as a black women working in a store. Tommie Bass talks about how he became a folk doctore and how he helped people in there times of need.

But in general Tommie and Geneva are quit the the same. Both are simple people doing the same thing they grew up doing. 

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