Monday, November 9, 2015

Snapshot 4 On Music From Tristen Stover.

In my life, music helps me cope with my emotions depending on the style of music that is playing. It is a very good way to show and explain how I feel.  Most songs usually tend to make me feel better because they help me to be happy if I am down and in a bad mood. Music is definitely a very big impact on me and my life. Some songs can be very influential because of the lyrics that are sung by the artist. Some songs can be informational. For example, moral values and lessons can be taught through the stories that are told through songs. The songs can lead me into trying new things or even better... thinking differently. Music can also bring people together very easily. When multiple people share a similar taste in music, they can relate to each other better than before. The music that means the most to me in my opinion would have to be country music. There are different kinds of country music. There are songs that can relate to your life and there is also songs that are just kind of like party songs. Party songs are best when I feel like having fun with friends. Country music means the most me because I can relate to most of the songs that are sung by the country singers. Most country songs talk about things I experience in my everyday life. One particular musician that has most impacted me would have to be Rodney Atkins. Rodney is an American country artist and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Rodney has a song titled “Take a Back Road” which I can relate to very easily. The song talks about someone who is stuck in traffic then hears a George Strait song from 1982 then wants to take a back road. This song relates to my life because every time I am sitting in traffic I am always thinking to myself that I wish that I could take a back road because one, there is never any traffic on back roads and two, taking back roads are very pretty and really never get old. Taking the highway every day or every other day end’s up getting old because of traffic and there really isn’t much to look at. Therapy for me in life is driving on an old country road. Some of the lyrics that are in “Take a Back Road” are very important to me.

And it makes me wanna take a back road

Makes me wanna take the long way home

Put a little gravel in my travel

Unwind, unravel all night long

Makes me wanna grab my honey

Tear down some two lane country who knows

Get lost and get right with my soul

Makes me wanna take, makes me wanna take a back road

Those lyrics remind me of being with my boyfriend and being happy. Being happy is key in life.
This is my favorite line from the song "Take a Back Road" by Rodney Atkins. This really shows me that all it takes is for one thing to make you want to take a back road just so that you can enjoy yourself while you are driving and so that you can get away from the busy world.

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