Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot 5. Kayla Frea.

Noel is contemplating about life.
Sarcastic, diabolical and creative individual. Noel, is a freshmen at The Ohio State University, studying criminology. Working at the Columbus Zoo, in her free time. Her favorite movie star is George Clooney. She loves listening to Twenty One Pilots, and Beartooth. Through drawings, and music, she let's her creativity shine through.

Defining creativity is different and eccentric for many people. Noel's definition for creativity is, "Coming up with your own ideas, using your mind in more than one way." The inspiration, for her drawings are leaders like Gandhi. Noel also finds inspiration in her surroundings and experiences in her life. Her sarcastic humor comes though in the interview when asked who is the most creative person she knows, and she replied with, "Kayla Frea"
Noel's drawing of Gandhi.
Noel finds creativity comes hard to her. She finds creativity to come better when she has to be creative for a project for school or under stress. The most creative work Noel has done is, she painted murals on walls. She did this project with her church group when they did these murals.


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  2. I find it pretty interesting that Noel works at the Columbus Zoo! I love going to the zoo to see and visit all of the animals! I have always loved animals my entire life. At home, we have about 150 head of cattle, a cat, and 5 dogs. My house is definitely a busy house hold with taking care of all of the animals!

  3. I love how you included a picture of her talented drawing to show us just how good she is ! I also love how you gave a pretty in depth description of noel prior to beginning the profile! Pleasure to read !


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