Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot 5 Bonnie Welsh Creativity of Cam

When interviewing Cam, he was asked various questions about where is creativity. He seemed that he really didn't know what his best ability was but he told music was his best ability because he was in band, "so playing instruments has always been easy for me." He thinks that he will try to use music in his history teaching career, but he does not see him using it too much in the daily school day. When asked what he is most passionate about his response was his child, a six year old boy, without a doubt. When he was asked about who ask a child helped him become more creative Cam really hasn't thought about that too much, after a while of thinking about it he said that his grandfather was who helped him be creative.
When asked about the color that best describes him he said right away Black. He said this because "everyone always is saying that I have a darker side to me" that is the darkest color that there is. Cam is a very outgoing person, funny person, and a great person to be around.
This is a picture of Cam and I. He is a very outgoing and fun person.   


  1. love the picture and agree that he outgoing, funny and great to be around!

  2. I really liked reading this and I found out interesting things about cam I didn't know. They picture is great! I think it captures his personality well!

  3. I like the idea of using music as teaching method it is a great tool for education


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