Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snap Shot 5 My Sister from another mister Bonnie by Cam K.

Let me introduce you to Bonnie Welsh she was born  January, 14th 1997. Bonnie is 18 years old she is currently a Freshman at The Ohio State University of Marion. Bonnie attended Bucyrus Redmen high school she played volleyball and was part of the marching band while she attended high school. She just recently graduated in May of 2015.

When about how do you use imagination in your daily life, Bonnie responded by saying that imagination is a form of  "dreaming just like when you dream at night but your not fully functioning".  When I asked Bonnie  what color best describes your personality? and why? She said "Red" because Red is color of power, love, and Farmall tractors. I know nothing about tractors so that kind of threw me for a loop. Bonnie is most passionate about her family because they are always there for her and always lead her in the right direction and help her know right from wrong. Being creative for Bonnie comes from family because she says that if your family is creative then there is a chance that they will pass the creative gene on too you. Bonnie's father helped  her as a kid to become creative because he was always there and he is a handy man and can look at a piece of scrap metal and make anything out of it just by studying it for a little bit.

My sister from another mister and best friend

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  1. I agree with your statement about your family can influence your creativity. My siblings influence my creativity. My family has a lot of engineers and future engineers so the creativity is a little different.


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