Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot 5 Pernale Blake's Creativity by Lexia Wilson

Pernale Blake has just started college this fall and is studying education and sports management but when he started he was planning on studying nursing but that changed. One day he is going to choose a job that will be fun and that he can enjoy one day. Having a job in education would be very entertaining because he will get to see those students succeed. By also studying sports management he will be able to become a high school football coach and continue his passion for football. I asked Pernale what he could do everyday and never get bored with...what is he most passionate about? He said football. Football has always been there for him and it has become his inspiration to become creative. Pernale also has become creative and been able to use his imagination through his parents because they always pushed him to do anything he wanted to do in life. I also asked Pernale how have you reached a goal only because you got creative? Tell me a story? He said that one time the rope netting on his basketball hoop broke and he needed to find a way to fix it. So he thought about it and then he came up with an idea on how to fix it. He used some yarn to create a new net and it worked. Who has been your role model for solving problems creatively and he said "Katy Perry she's an inspiration to me and everyone". The final question that I asked Pernale was what color describes you best? His answer was blue. "Blue is a color that makes me happy and I believe that I am a happy person".

Pernale Blake wearing his favorite color blue.


  1. Pernale,

    Thats the same major i am in. I love the major, have you taken any classes?
    being a teacher you always have to be creative and be outgoing and different.

    Best of Luck,

  2. I agree that sports do have an influence on creativity. I think that's a great career to go into!


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