Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snap Shot 5: Brittney Hanks

                     Welcome Morgan’s  World

B flat, A flat, F flat key, when she's not playing, she creative you see. When she isn't in class, she is either with her family and friends or out at the barn with her horse. Morgan is going to college for Animal Science. Morgan has been playing the cello for 10 years, so I asked her, have you ever been able to be creative with music? She smiled and responded with, "yes in a way, I feel that there’s a way to make a piece of music your own and really make it come alive from within yourself! Without creativity with music, music just be simple boring notes, creativity IS MUSIC and that’s the beauty of it." Morgan has been able to be creative by being able to go out and play her cello with her family or in high school with Hayes players. She has been outstanding musician.

Splash of pink, splat of pink, everything is pink in the Kuehl household you see. Even though that's true in the aspect of the people under one roof, one guy, four girls......a poor guy. When you think Pink you think really bright and upbeat and a happy color. Pink describes Morgan and her horse to the tee. It’s not just a horse’s favorite color ,it’s also one of her favorite colors. Morgan is a very outgoing and happy go lucky person. The one person that is a Morgan shine is her dad. Seems like he is the man with the plan, the dad that will get you out of any situation. Morgan seems to be very tight with her family and that she will do anything for them. Morgan is pictured a lot with her sisters Ryan and Taylor, they seem to be doing a lot of activities together.

As a child Morgan had the biggest imagination that any child could have. As she describes “I use my imagination all the time! I’m a huge day dreamer, also when I listen to music my mind like to wander off and just go into what I call “Morgan’s world” it’s great there.” Morgan’s world had many little clubs that her and her old neighbor would come up with like the moose club. Morgan has a big heart for animals other then her horse, she has always grew up with her dogs. Morgan has a big heart for animals and you can see how passionate about animals when she talks about her animals that impacted her life.
Sassy,outgoing , crazy, person



  1. My family also has a house full of girls four girls and one guy...I kind of feel bad for him sometimes but I know he loves it!

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